Android Soccer

Playing Android Soccer

Are you ready for this unique and exciting flash game. This game will test your shooting skills and you will get a perfect image of your soccer skills and knowledge. Your task is to try to score as many goals as you can with 8 balls. Try to make the best possible score to get some applause from the big numbered crowd which have gathered here just to watch you. The controls are very simple to be used. You will need to use only mouse to play this awesome game. Good luck and have fun while playing this unique flash game on our site.

Use mouse to play.


Baggio Magic Kicks

Playing Baggio Magic Kicks

You are Baggio and you need to score a goal through a free kick. Based on the wind direction, your power, aim and spin you should make the score. It’s a really fun free kick game with a lot of options and factors to score a goal. Go through all the stages from different positions and winds.

Use your “MOUSE” to play this game.


1 on 1 soccer

Playing 1 on 1 soccer

Pick a mode (tournament, 2 players and more). Choose your team and player and start playing. You are playing a version of soccer – one player versus another. Try to score as many goals as possible and win the tournament or beat your buddy. It’s a really fun game you can play with your buddies or versus a computer.

Use your keyboard (arrow keys)