Penguin Hockey

Playing Penguin Hockey

In this another very specific and fun hockey sport flash game you will have to win your opponent by scoring more goals than him and the given time, and in this case its the computer. The game is very simple to play and you will not find any hard time till you reach the higher levels which may be little more harder. The game is played with mouse only. Move the mouse to navigate the hockey bat and hit the hockey puck to not receive a goal or to score some goal. Show your amazing hockey skills and knowledge and win some applause from the audience here. Good luck.

Use mouse to play.


Accurate Slapshot Hockey

Playing Accurate Slapshot Hockey

Amazing new hockey sport flash game. This time you have plenty of levels in which you will have to test your accuracy and gaming skills. You will have to find the path to the goal and score goal in the given level. As the levels go by the goal scoring challenge become harder and harder. The controls are very simple. You will need only mouse to play this game. Click on the hockey puck, set the direction and power and then release the mouse button to shoot. You may found some hard time in some levels, but don’t quit to fast. Try several times and you will succeed it for sure. Good luck and have fun.

Use mouse to play.


Super Slapshot 3D


In this specific hockey flash game you will have to practice your shot from 5 different positions. You will have to show all of your hockey skills and knowledge if you want to have some good score here on this game. To score a goal is not very simple or hard, somewhere in the middle. But anyway you will have to play it smart. There is a timer, so you must shot all of the hockey pucks from one spot in that given time. Give it a try and score as many goals as you can. The game is played with mouse only. Set the aim, hold the left mouse button to get some power and then release. Good luck and have fun while playing this amazing game.

Use mouse to play.