Justin Bieber Darts

Playing Justin Bieber Darts

This is the game that you must complete because you will need to save one very famous singer. This singer has pretty big number of young fans and it will be a disappointing for them if he did not survive this darts wheel. The task is to hit the marked places on the wheel but to take care to not hit the famous singer. Give it a try. You will succeed very easily since we all know that you are a pretty accurate person. You will need mouse to play. Good luck and have fun while playing this new flash game.

Use mouse to play.


Darts King

Playing Darts King

Are you feeling enough skilled and accurate for this kind of challenge. You will need to use your darts skills and knowledge to win this game. The task is to win the level by scoring more points than the limit with 10 darts. The controls are very simple to be used. You will need to use the mouse to aim and throw the dart when you want. Use the left mouse click. Good luck and have fun while playing this new and exciting flash game on our site. We hope that you will manage to reach far and make some high score.

Use mouse to play.


Human Darts

Playing Human Darts

Are you ready for another darts game where you will need to show the amazing skills you posses and complete the challenge that is given to you. Try to hit those mini targets without hitting the human which is tied on the board. You will need to concentrate hard if you want to finish this game with big score. Give it a try. The controls are simple and you will not find any problem in that section. You will need to use only mouse to aim and shot the darts. Good luck and have fun while playing this awesome and new darts flash game on our site.

Use mouse to play.


301 Darts

Playing 301 Darts

Are you ready physically and mentally for this challenge? In this specific game there is nothing different from the other darts game. Its very simple and unique on its own way. Here on this game you will have to score exactly 301 points to win the game. You will have to do that and you will have to take care of your throws. You will need to have less throws for completely success in this game. The controls are very easy. You will need to click left mouse button and swing the mouse in the direction of the board. Good luck and have fun while playing this game.

Use mouse to play.