8 baller

Playing 8 baller

You have to pot 8 balls. Try not to pot the white ball because you will lose if you do so. You should pot as many balls with as little hits as possible. There is a line that guides you in which direction the white ball will hit. You can adjust the power of the hit with your mouse.

Use your mouse to play.


Extreme Blast Billiards 6

Playing Extreme Blast Billiards 6

Choose a difficulty and start playing all the levels starting with the first warm-up one. The balls in this pool are all with a timer. You have to pot all the balls before the timer goes off and the balls explode. You get -10 seconds on the timer on each mistake or error you make. Each level gets more difficult and this game doesn’t have a guiding line for the white ball. Have fun playing this challenging billiards game

Use your mouse.


Billiards Master Pro

Playing Billiards Master Pro

Play billiards with different modes. You can play 8-ball pool or straight pool. You can play single player alone, or versus a computer. You can play a two player game versus your friend. So be sure to challenge a buddy on a billiards game. This game doesn’t have a guide for the white ball so it makes it more interesting.

Use your mouse.


Sexy Billiard

Playing Sexy Billiard

Choose a sexy girl as an opponent. There are 4 different choices: Cindy, May, Stella and Gabrielle. The game is played in single player with the 8-ball mode. The first one to pot their solid or stripe colored balls and then the black ball wins. This game doesn’t have a guiding line so it’s going to be a challenge to beat those sexy opponents.

Use your mouse to play the game.


Sexy Billiards 8 Ball

Playing Sexy Billiards 8 Ball

Play this sexy billiards game. It’s in 8-ball mode which means the first player to pot 8 balls wins. You can play alone versus a computer or versus a friend. So be sure to challenge a buddy and see who’s better. This game doesn’t have a guiding line so it’s more interesting to play.

This game is played with mouse only.