Baseball Shooter

Playing Baseball Shooter

Perfect game that is here mainly to test your arm strength and to give you some image of your baseball skills. Your task is to score as many points as you can within these 10 thrown balls from your friend. You will get points based on how far you will manage to hit the ball. If you manage to hit the ball over the fence behind you will get 100 points which is the biggest possible points from one ball. Give it a try. You will need to use mouse to successfully hit the ball. You will have aim which you will need to place in the right spot before you press left mouse click for shot. Best of luck and have fun while playing.

Use mouse to play.


Pinch Baseball

Playing Pinch Baseball

Unique and exciting flash baseball game in which you will need to play one baseball game with your mates and win the best possible result. You will need to score as many points as it is possible. Try to return every ball that is thrown at you and try to aim the ball to hit somewhere higher from the white line which is drawn on the opposite wall. Give it a try. Use mouse to set the swing direction of your baseball bat. Best of luck and have fun while playing this awesome flash game on our site.

Use mouse to play.


Zombie Baseball

Playing Zombie Baseball

Perfect game to test your baseball skills and knowledge you have earned during your training session. This game will rise your adrenaline up just because you will need to defend you and your girlfriend from scary zombies. You don’t have any weapon and you will need to use some balls and and a baseball bat. Hit the zombies with balls to neutralize them and win the level. The controls are pretty simple to use and understand. Use A button to hit the ball and neutralize the zombies in front of you. Good luck and have fun while playing.

Use button A to hit the zombies.