Billiards Master Pro

Playing Billiards Master Pro

Play billiards with different modes. You can play 8-ball pool or straight pool. You can play single player alone, or versus a computer. You can play a two player game versus your friend. So be sure to challenge a buddy on a billiards game. This game doesn’t have a guide for the white ball so it makes it more interesting.

Use your mouse.


Doyu 8-Ball

Playing Doyu 8-Ball

A 8-ball pool game. Playing on a classic pool table with the classic billiards. The normal 8-ball set of rules apply. You can play alone, versus a computer or versus a friend. You can challenge your buddy and play online or on the same computer. You have a line that guides you where the white ball goes and you choose with how much power you hit it. Have fun playing 8-ball pool.

Use your mouse.