If you have ever been surfing, you know there is nothing like staring down the barrel of a massive wave as you keep your balance on the surfboard and ride the wave. Surfing takes a lot of talent and practice, although most people who surf save the activity for weekend trips to the beach or tropical vacations to places that offer the killer waves that they seek. While others who live closer to the ocean’s edge make surfing their daily activity unless the waves are calm.

Our Games

While the waves are non-existent, and the water is calmer than your Mellow Yellow, sit back and enjoy some of our surfing games. We promise that our surfing flash games will help you pass the time while the waters are calm and you are itching to get out there and catch some waves as well as a little sun. Under our ‘Surfing Games’ category you’ll find a wide variety of different surfing flash games that will not only make you feel like you are at the beach but also feature surfing and many other fun objectives to keep your mind off the waves.

Most Played Surfing Games

In our most played surfing game arsenal we happily provide you with many different types of surfing games. We have puzzles, racing, and even spot the difference and dress up games. All our games are suitable for all ages and so you will be able to show others your favorite games. Our arsenal consists of Surf’s Up, Techno Surf, Surfing Game, Surfing Sort My Tiles, Snow Surfing, Zombie Surfing, and many others that will most certainly hold your attention for hours to come.

Top Rated Surfing Games

Our list of top rated surfing games consists of many different surfing flash games that our players have rated as their favorites. This includes City Surfing, Surfing Weekend Dress up, Sam Surfing, Techno Surf, Surfing Game, Real Surf, and many others. These games were meant to keep you busy while you wait for your wonderful waves to come so you can grab your surfboard and rush to catch some really action.

Techno Surf

This game is one that falls under both our Top Played and Top Rated Surfing Games list. You play a piano-surfer and the goal is to collect music notes and avoid the obstacles. These obstacles include electric bars and even your evil shadow of yourself. With this game you are given the option of your song and control your little surfer with the arrow keys and give him boosts with the spacebar. This game is more than suitable for all ages and focuses on timing and coordination to control your little surfer dude to collect his music notes and avoid all the things that get in his way.


Our goal with all of our surfing games is to help you kill time and relax without the worry of paying for your play time or having only a limited time to play our games. We want you to enjoy playing as many of our online flash games as you can while not worrying about the content of those games. We also want you to be able to feel free to share these games with your friends and family so they can play and enjoy the freedom that we provide in all of our online flash games. Our surfing games not only provide you something that you enjoy but also allow you to enjoy what you take an interest in while you are at home and unable to catch the waves in person.

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These games are just a taste of what we provide our players as we have many other categories that you can choose from and explore. We provide all sport themed games and don’t want you to feel obligated or pressured by the requirements that some other games ask of you. Our competitors ask you to pay for your ability to play or to wait for resources to accrue enough for you to continue your game. However we don’t ask that of you as we want you to enjoy the unlimited amount of play time that you have available without worries or hassles.