All About Online Skateboarding Games

One of the most popular forms of entertainment on the Internet is skateboarding flash games. As you can probably guess, they involve playing as a character on a skateboard. But just like in the real world, you can do so much with a skateboard that this game lends itself to countless types of skateboarding online games. The good news is that if you like one, you’ll probably like the others. At the same time, if one isn’t your cup of tea, it’s easy to find another skateboarding game that you’ll find ideal. The five main types of skateboarding free games are:

  • Racing
  • Stunt Courses
  • Half Pipes
  • Street Sessions
  • Sub-Genres

Let’s take a look at all five of these in more detail now.

Race Skating Games

Most people don’t associate racing with skateboarding, but it’s definitely a genre of the sport—albeit not a very popular one nowadays. These types of games are fairly straightforward too. You basically control a player through a race track. These tracks could be the professional looking type, the street or even places like the desert. To make things more interesting, most of these games will add challenging elements like certain obstacles to stand in your way. Of course, as you continue through the levels, you’ll find more and more obstacles waiting for you along the way.

Unlike other popular racing genres, this one doesn’t involve you “taking the wheel” or otherwise having a first-person perspective. Instead, you see the player from behind. However, some of these games will have other players to contend with. But, again, this is just one more way to ramp up the challenges.

Stunt Courses Skating

Another great way to enjoy skateboarding flash games is with a stunt course. In many ways, this is similar to the racing type game we just covered, but with a few important differences. For one, stunt courses are usually played from left to right. So your character is constantly moving from the left to the right, but you can usually move them from close to far in order to help negotiate different obstacles in the game.

The other difference is that there’s usually less an element of “beat the clock.” Instead, the point is to beat the level with as many points as possible, which you’re rewarded with by pulling off various stunts and avoiding certain obstacles. These games also tend to have more of an “arcade” look to them. After all, they use the same left to right premise so many of them used to back in the day. So often the graphics are purposely left pixilated to a large degree to resemble these earlier versions. This is in contrast to many games that tend to look for the highest degree of graphics. That being said, examples on Sporty’s Game Hub like Skateboard City and Skateboard City 2 definitely have some impressive aesthetics to them.

Half Pipes Skating Game

In real life, one of the most exciting forms of skateboarding has to do with the half-pipe. It’s basically two ramps connect to one another at the bottom, so you have skateboarders going up one side of the ramp and then back down it to head over to the next and repeat. This structure makes it easy to pull off all kinds of amazing maneuvers.

Thanks to skateboarding online games featuring the half pipe, now you have your chance (and don’t have to worry about getting hurt). Half Pipe Skateboarding is just one example of a game on Sporty’s Game Hub that has this type of setup. So get on your board and compete with your friends to see who can do the best tricks.

Street Sessions Skating Game

Another really popular form of skateboarding free games is street sessions. This type of skateboarding flash games is meant to resemble how the real skateboarders may spend their time: traveling around the city and looking for fun ways to pull off amazing tricks.

Fortunately, in the game, it’s easy to find these things and, of course, many other creatively placed and constructed structures to help you pull off impossible maneuvers. Unlike a racing game, this version rewards you solely for how many points you can earn thanks to all the tricks you do.


Sub-Genres Skateboarding Games

There are also countless sub-genres of skateboarding online games you may be interested in as well. For example, on Sporty’s Game Hub, you can find the very fun Bart Simpson Skateboarding which features everyone’s favorite little trouble maker on his beloved skateboard.

However, that’s just one example. There are countless spins put on above examples—or even ways they’re combined—that provide for all kinds of fun entertainment.

So if you like skateboarding free games, you’re going to love Sporty’s Game Hub. We have all the major titles people love, including all the above genres mentioned.