Free Online Running Games

When arguments break out over which sport is the greatest sport in the world, everyone overlooks the most obvious choice. Running will always be the ultimate sport. It’s likely that running in races is the oldest sport ever devised, and various kinds of running events were the central focus of the ancient Olympic Games, and they continue to dominate track and field events to this very day.

Running Online Games Can Have Finish Lines or Timers

Free online running games are very much like real running games. You can run against another contestant, or you can run against time over a particular distance. Most running online games are based on some form of cross-country races. In real life, cross-country races are run over rough terrain, and courses can contain every type of surface for running on. You might run on pavement, grass, or even mud. The scenery might be woods or open country.

Cross-country races also include races like marathons, which have a lot in common with online running games, but the closest comparison is probably the steeplechase. Many people associate the steeplechase with horses, but it was originally a race for people, and the obstacles on the course like fences, bogs, water, and dirt are very similar to almost running game where you pass through a landscape and have to jump over obstacles and avoid anything that can delay or injure you along the way.

Running Flash Games Are as Easy as Real Running

Running flash games are a blast to play, and just like running in real life you don’t have to have a lot of specialized skills in order to participate. You just have to race against time and avoid all the trouble along the way. Running Flash games are also great to play because the onscreen commands are easy to learn and operate, and Flash games run smoothly on any machine, so there’s no lag between your onscreen avatar’s movements and your commands.

One of the most enjoyable things about running online games is the variety available. The motion of running on a screen is pretty simple, but the landscapes that pass by while you’re playing running online games is infinitely variable, and the obstacles are always moving and changing too. You can play an online running game for hours and hours without getting bored, and when you get tired of seeing the same backgrounds or landscape you can simply change to another one that’s completely different.

Running free games online have underwater scenes, and forest settings, jungle landscapes, city blocks in the background, and many other different looks for your surroundings. Some look exactly like a traditional track and field event, with a striped cinder track and lots of other runners competing to reach the finish line first.

You Can Even Run Back in Time With Running Free Games

The landscape isn’t the only thing that can change from game to game. You can play running free games that take you back in time to run like a caveman would, and be pursued by dinosaurs and Neanderthals. If that’s not your style, you can fast forward in history to run with the Vikings as they rage around pre-medieval Europe and show everyone who’s boss. You can run in caves, under the sea, or jump from floor to floor on an unfinished skyscraper to beat a running free game. You can even run against zombies or ninjas to make the game more interesting.

Try an Endless Running Game for Extra Fun

Free online running games have an especially fun version called endless running games. Unlike real world events where there’s a finish line, and you try to beat your opponents or the clock, endless running games, also called infinite running games, let you move forward through a 3-D landscape that doesn’t have a finish line. The scenery never runs out and the fun can last for as long as you like without a break or a finish line to stop the fun.


In running flash games, it’s easy to generate an infinite landscape, so it’s a popular platform for these games. Instead of running out of places to run, your job is to make sure that your avatar finds all the items it needs to keep going. A game that challenges you to keep it going for as long as you can is one of the oldest and best kinds of game you can play. Infinite running games go back to traditions older than the computer, when people would play games like jump rope or clapping games where you kept it going for as long as you could without missing. They’re even more fun as computer games.

Run Like a Parkour Champ While You’re on Your Couch

The best running online games for infinite adventures incorporate the thrill of real life activities like parkour, and give the player a feeling of almost endless motion. The longer you keep the player going, the more excitement enters into the game, in the same way that excitement builds in a betting games as the stakes get higher. Try one of our running free games and see if it isn’t as much fun as running in real life, and a lot less tiring!