Introduction to rugby

Easily one of the most popular sports on the planet today, rugby has been around since 1871 in an organized fashion, though it has existed as a bit of a ragtag sport for at least a handful of decades before that.

First played in the United Kingdom, rugby is a variation of football (sometimes called soccer), and one of the most fun and exciting games you could ever get hooked on. An incredibly physical game, and not all that dissimilar to the American National Football League (without the pads and the protection) as far as violence is concerned, this is definitely a manly man’s kind of game – though there are certainly women’s leagues out there as well, and usually they are just as active and just as physical!

Rugby clubs usually enjoy a very dedicated following in their local area, and rugby fans can be some of the most passionate spectators you’ll find at any type of sporting event around the globe. In fact, in New Zealand (as well as parts of Australia and the United Kingdom) rugby is at least as popular as soccer – and often times even more so!


It’s not all that for New Zealand to celebrate almost national holidays when their favorite clubs are going against one another in a big-time game, or when the annual national rugby championship playoffs are held! It’s that big of a deal!

But if you haven’t found yourself in the middle of a rugby scrum in a long time, and maybe don’t have all that much interest in getting beat up or knocked around any longer, but still want to enjoy the spirit and physicality of the game, you’ll want to check out the rugby games that you can play over there one percent free of charge) right here on this site!

Why would you want to play rugby flash games?

Honestly, the average rugby career (professional or amateur) usually doesn’t last that long. We are talking about one of the most physical games on the planet, a game that is played at top speed by incredibly fit athletes that are big, strong, and ready to do some damage out on the rugby field. There’s a reason that some rugby players have to wear leather helmets to protect themselves when they are right in the middle of a rugby scrum! For this reason (and so many others), most people would be pretty content to play a rugby video game (like the rugby flash games on this site) then get knocked around by men or women twice their size and three times as strong. On top of that, it just might not be rugby season depending upon where you are located on the globe today. You need pretty mild conditions to play rugby, and you definitely need to be able to get your hands on 20 or so guys to play a match that is any fun at all – two things that you might not be able to control as effectively as you’d like.


That’s why you are going to want to check out these rugby games – these rugby flash games. You can play them whatever you want to, you can play them alone, against your friends or family members (or complete and total strangers), and you can enjoy the spirit of rugby without all of the bumps, lumps, and bruises. It’s not really that bad of a trade-off!

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