Karate Games

Karate teaches focus, precision, and many other necessary skills needed in life as well as the constant development of determination and discipline. We have all seen karate movies and played an endless number of fighting games that feature many different martial arts. Now we have a few games for you to try on for size that we believe you will go crazy over. These karate flash games are more than suitable for any age level and are fun for everyone. These games include Karate Girl Dress Up, Hong Kong Karate, Sponge Bob Karate, Titan Karate, and Monkey Kick. Each of these games possess different objectives that relate to Karate in general.

karate games

Karate Girl Dress Up

This game really only requires a mouse and provides you with a specific objective, dress up the karate girl. This karate flash game doesn’t provide you with points but allows you to choose an outfit and print the finished product. Games like this are perfectly suitable for young girls and are also fun as well as suitable for all ages. Allow your girls to express themselves safely on the computer by playing this particular flash game.

Hong Kong Karate

It is said that this particular game is a must try game if you absolutely love karate. It is a one on one versus style game that requires a keyboard. The game provides you with plenty of challenging opponents as well as allows you to play as your favorite characters such as Bugs Bunny versus Willey Coyote. Any Looney Toons and karate fan will adore this addictive game.

Sponge Bob Karate

In this karate flash game you play as Patrick Star from the famous cartoon, Sponge Bob Square-Pants. The objective of this game is to help Patrick win his karate battles against his Bikini Bottom based opponents to make him happy. Each fight is challenging in its own way but still a lot of fun to play. This game can become very addictive to those who enjoy fighting games as well as Sponge Bob. This karate flash game is suitable for all ages and lots of fun too.

Titan Karate

Do you love the show Teen Titan? If so then this karate game is just what you have been looking for. This game allows you to play as a teen titan and the goal is to, of course, beat your opponent. Through the use of karate moves, skills, and knowledge you can overcome each of your opponents to win the game. The controls of this game are very easy and make great use of the arrow keys and the ‘X’ and ‘Z’ keys as well.

Monkey Kick

This specific game is a distance style game. The goal is to kick the monkey to see how far he will go. You will be given 3 tries to get the highest score. All you will need is impeccable timing and a mouse to get you started. Attempting to kick the money as he is thrown by your sensei can be rather challenging as timing plays a huge part in this game, however never fear, it takes some getting used to but isn’t completely impossible. That is part of the challenge of this karate flash game is getting the timing down to the point of actually kicking the monkey.


While we only currently have these 5 games, we do hope to be adding more so we can thoroughly cover the karate genre. However, you can easily have hours of fun playing these games and enjoying your karate fun online. Since these games are all suitable for all ages, you can feel free to share them with your friends and family. This will allow you to enjoy them together and maybe even compete to see who can do the best for these games. Playing by yourself is fun, but playing with friends and family is easily twice as much fun. Share your love of karate and our karate flash games and you will easily become the center of attention both in your home and online. Each game is geared for the karate genre and will allow you to put your day aside and enjoy yourself while you are online.