A Guide to Hunting Online Games

Hunting flash games are some of the most popular online games you can play. Fast-paced and exciting, hunting flash games put you right in the center of the action without leaving the comfort of your own home. From woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers to the modern whitetail deer, humans have hunted anything and everything, and now we can hunt without even going outside by using online flash games.

There are four main types of hunting online games:

  • Bird hunting online games
  • Bow hunting flash games
  • Themed hunting free games
  • Animal hunting online games

All four of these hunting game types can be played right here on Sporty Games Hub. There are many different variations of each game type, but they are all easy to pick up and every one is fun to play.

Bird Hunting Flash Games

One of the most popular types of hunting games online is Bird hunting – Shoot or shit!. One game has you hunting big birds out in a field where you pick them off as they fly by. Bird hunting games offer a great challenge because the birds fly fast and erratically, making them much harder to hit than other animals. Similar to most of the other hunting games online, you fire at birds as they fly by without moving from your position. Every time you hit a bird you get points. The goal is to hit as many birds as you can before the time runs out. If you’ve hit enough birds you’ll be able to progress to the next level. If you don’t hit enough birds, you lose and have to play the whole level over again.

In real life people typically hunt birds and waterfowl with a shotgun, but in the game Big Bird Hunting you have to hunt birds using only a crossbow and your wits. The gameplay mechanics of having to use a crossbow in Big Bird Hunting makes it a unique addition to the hunting free games catalogue on the Sporty Games Hub website.

Bow Hunting Online Games

A departure from the classic hunting formula, the bow hunting game prominently features the use of a bow and arrow over firearms. Many bow hunting online games require a lot of skill, and the user has to make tricky, calculated shots at long range. Bow hunting games feature hunting everything from deer to ducks. One amusing game lets you stand on the side of a cliff firing arrows at passing birds, and every bird the player misses flies over and poops on the player’s head. The main objective of the game is to shoot enough birds to get to the next level. Each bird is worth a certain amount of points and if you get enough points you can also upgrade your bow to be more powerful. Hunting free games featuring the bow and arrow come in many variations, but one of the most popular games is the Bow Hunting Game hosted on Sporty Games Hub. Bow Hunting Game puts players on a deserted island where you hunt wild animals. The main goal of the game is to see how many you can bag before time runs out. When you bag enough animals you can move on to the next level.

Themed Hunting Free Games

Featuring a stylized atmosphere and fast-paced gameplay, themed hunting online games bring cartoonish charm to the normally serious sport of hunting. One of the most popular themed hunting games featured on Sporty Games Hub is Lamer Hunter. In Lamer Hunter, the main objective of the game is to hunt down annoying lame people who do their best to irritate you. Featuring a perfectly modeled double-barreled shotgun as well as several other weapons, Lamer Hunter offers a classic hunting game feel. Hunt down and bag every lamer that pops up on screen to try to reach the high score. Lamer Hunter’s lamers are hard to hit and yell rude comments every time they pop up on screen.

Animal Hunting Flash Games

Animal hunting games are a new trend in hunting games online. You play as one animal hunting other animals. In most other games you’d be playing as a human hunting with guns and bows, but in an animal hunting game you use your natural tenacity to hunt down and eat other animals. One game called the Warriors Hunting Game has you playing as a cat as you try to catch as many smaller animals as you can before time runs out. You start off in your own territory catching rabbits, but eventually move on to catch frogs, birds, and fish. Animal hunting games are unique among hunting games because they don’t prominently feature people. Some of the best animal hunting games can be found on Sport Games Hub along with many other popular hunting titles.