A Guide to Fishing Online Games

Fishing is one of the most widely practiced activities on Earth. It’s sometimes done for leisure, sometimes for food, but for whatever reason it’s as natural for people to fish as standing on two legs. Over the past few years, online fishing games have become just a popular as fishing in real life with their intuitive, fun gameplay. The majority of these games are on par with the quality you would get from a professionally run game studio.

There are many different types of fishing flash games and they can all be found on Sporty Games Hub. There are three main types of fishing games available:

  • Realistic
  • 2D side scrolling
  • Themed

There are many different variations of these main types, but the majority of them stick to certain themes present in each type.

Realistic Fishing Free Games

Designed for players who are looking for an authentic online fishing game, realistic fishing flash games give you the excitement of fishing in real life right from the comfort of your own couch. This type of flash game is extremely popular all over the world because it delivers everything that people know and love about real fishing in a small package. It gives you the raw thrill of hooking a fish, along with the uncertainty of whether or not you’ll be able to reel it in before it can get away.

Realistic fishing online games give you a variety of hooks, baits, rods and locations to choose from. The whole point of fishing online games is to get as close to real life fishing as possible. In these fishing flash games, the fish are accurately weighed and measured just like they would be if you caught them in real life. Realistic fishing authentically replicates the feel of being out on the water fishing, without any of real life’s drawbacks. Designed to appeal to all audiences and give the most accurate gameplay possible, realistic fishing takes online fishing games to the next level.

2D Side Scrolling Fishing games

Taking a more stylized approach than realistic fishing games, 2D side scrolling fishing games are meant to feel like an arcade game. The majority of 2D side scrolling fishing games are presented as they would be if they were in an arcade cabinet, with your score shown in the top corner along with the time and your score. The main gameplay mechanics of this kind of these fishing flash games are so that each fish you catch is worth a certain amount of points. The games are based more on points than on the size and quality of the fish you’re catching. In a 2D side scrolling fishing game you have to scramble to get as many points as you can before time runs out. If you get enough points you’re able to go on to the next level and repeat the process at a more difficult level. If you score a lot of points you might be able to get a new high score and have your score put up on the game’s leaderboard. Many fishing free games are in this style and feature similar gameplay. Some variations offer a greater number of fish to catch or slightly different fishing positions, but which one is best comes down to personal preference.

Themed Fishing Flash Games

Combining realistic fishing games with the fast paced gameplay of 2D side scrolling fishing games, themed fishing games offer the best aspects of each type of game, but with a twist. Based on absurd and stylized ideas, themed fishing games have the player completing objectives and catching certain fish to move on to the next level. For instance, the free fishing game Fishing Panda has you living the life of a panda that goes out to sea every day and catches as many fish as he can. You have many unique ways to catch fish during the game, and you can use everything from a basic rod and tackle to a vacuum cleaner to help you reach your goal.

Out of all the other themed fishing free games, none is more popular than Sushi Fishing. In sushi fishing you play as a sushi chef who has to catch as many fish as he can in order to make some delicious sushi. You’re able to switch between different baits to try to catch the right type of fish so you can make enough sushi to feed the whole crew. Unlike other fishing games, this one only requires you to click with the mouse and isn’t overly complex.

Other Types of Fishing Games

Whether you like fishing in a lake, a river, or the ocean, there are fishing free games made especially for you. You can pull a deep-sea monster into your boat, or tease a brook trout from a river using a fly fishing rod. Why not try one of Sporty Games Hub’s fishing free games and see if the fish are biting?