Free Online Darts Games

Playing darts is one of the oldest and most popular pastimes in the world. The modern version of darts is instantly recognizable to anyone that’s been inside a pub or Irish restaurant. A circular target board is hung on a wall and contestants take turns throwing darts, which are small missiles, at the board. The dartboard is cut up into sections that represent different scoring points, and depending upon the game, different scores are required to win. Darts can be played in teams, too, and dart leagues are as popular as bowling or other leagues that bring people together to have fun.

Darts Can Be a Simple Game or a Serious Sport

While darts can simply be a lot of fun, it’s a very competitive game in many parts of the world, and in places like the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, and in Scandinavian countries it’s played professionally for big money prizes. Whether or not you’re playing in competitions, darts games are one of the most pleasant ways to pass the time, and that’s why darts online games are so much fun to play. There are lots of darts free games that you can play that mimic real games of darts, or you can choose from one of the more lighthearted darts free games to hit targets other than the usual circular board.


Let’s Play Some Pub Games

Lots of different Darts Flash games look just like your typical pub dart board games. Since there are so many different pub dart games, you can play darts online games for hours and hours without getting bored. Most dart games have each contestant throwing three darts each turn, and keeping score by the location of the darts when they hit the board. On a standard dartboard, the numbers are written right on the board at each section, and there’s an outside ring where the score is doubled, and a ring halfway to the center where the score is tripled. The bullseye is the very center of the board, with an inner ring worth double as well. Here’s a short list of some of the most enjoyable darts free games:

  • 501 – You count down by subtracting your score from the number 501, but you have to win by getting the exact score at the end by getting a double number. If you go below zero or don’t get a double, you lose.
  • 301 – Just like 501 but you count down from 301 instead. Around the Clock – Depending on where in the world you live, the rules vary, but most games consist of hitting all the numbers in order, with the bullseye hit last
  • Cricket – One of the most popular games, especially for teams. You capture numbers by hitting them three times with your darts, and once you capture a number you can keep hitting them to rack up points until your opponent closes them by hitting the number three times. Before you can win, you have to close all the numbers, including the bullseye, and make up all the points scored against you. Darts Flash games are great for playing cricket.
  • Shanghai – This is a fun game for darts online games, where you het each number from one through seven in order through seven different rounds. Round One is for the number one, and so on. Winning at Shanghai means you have to be good at hitting the double and triple rings. Some versions of Shanghai are played until you reach the number 20 on the board.

Darts Free Games Can Be Serious or Silly!

Darts free games can be as close to real darts as you like, or you can get a little silly to add even more fun to your gameplay. You can play darts online games that let you pop balloons stuck on a backboard like you would at a carnival. There are really neat darts Flash games that let you throw your darts at your enemies in a medieval world as they parade past, a little bit like shooting ducks at an arcade. Since darts are a recreation of ancient weapon sports like throwing the javelin or knives, conquering a castle by picking of the little knights as they parade past the battlements is perfect for darts free games.

Free Online Darts Can Add All Sorts of Crazy Obstacles

Free Online Darts games can get a little crazy, too, if you want to add a little spice to your dart session. There are crazy dart games that add wind to blow your darts off course if you’re not careful, or you can have a rotating dartboard that adds even more difficulty to your regular shots. It’s still just as easy to throw your darts as in a regular game, but the game adds fun sound effects and wacky boards that make these crazy dart games even more fun than the old-fashioned kind. Try our darts free games today!