Cricket Games

Cricket is a sport that isn’t played by too many people, however it is defined as a ‘bat and ball game’ played by ‘two teams of 11 players’ on a field with a 22-yard long pitch. The goal of the game is to get more runs than the opposing team. We offer you a large number of cricket flash games that will keep you busy for hours and allow your mind to easily wander while you attempt to get the highest score. These cricket flash games are fun for any age group and allows you to have hours of fun on your computer any time that you wish.


Most Played Cricket Games

Our most played cricket games include Cricket Colors, Cricket Ball Fever, Fantasy Cricket, Cricket on Cards, and many more. These games are mostly chosen for their ability to hold the player’s attention for long periods of time and because they are fun. Players love the games that will allow them to have the most amount of fun available at their fingertips without the need to concentrate too much about what they are doing.

Top Rated Cricket Games

We have a few top rated cricket games available for you to play at any time. These games were selected because our players feel that these are the best of the best. We want to provide you with the best fun and excitement while you peruse through our game selection for titles such as Cricket Practice, Cricket Challenge, Cricket Practice, and so many others. These games are easy enough to learn and only require a mouse and keyboard to play.


The gameplay of our games are designed to be simple and allow you to easily control using your keyboard and mouse. Each game provides you with a specific object that will allow you to earn points. We also have games that are much like a real cricket game so you can play with a team with the objective being to beat your opponents. These flash styled cricket games will keep you entertained for hours during your free time as well as provide you with lots of fun. You and your friends can also play some of these games so you don’t have to play all by your lonesome as well as share over social networking sites such as Facebook to see which of your friends can get the highest score.

Flash Style Games

Like most flash style games, you aren’t required to have any specific programs to run these games and there are no requirements for you to enjoy any of our games. The only thing you need is a computer and the internet, and you are all set to play until your heart’s content. These games will keep you wanting more and with so many to choose from, you are sure to find a favorite without much effort. We compile the games on our website, and you play. Easy as that.


Every cricket fan needs something to do during the off season and since there aren’t always games on the television, why not get on your computer and play a cricket game of your own. The best thing about cricket flash games on our site is that you can play these games anytime. Whether it is raining, snowing, or you are just spending time at home in your pajamas and don’t feel like going out. These games were designed specifically with you in mind. They are fun and easy to play as well as fun to share. All we ask of you is that you give them a try and see what you think.


Step away from all those boring Facebook games and try a game that truly interests you. These cricket games have been compiled into one place and will keep you busy longer than it takes to wait for your resources to spawn on your latest Facebook game addiction. Once you have tried our cricket flash games, we are willing to bet that your latest Facebook game craze will go to the way side as you enjoy a multitude of different cricket themed games that possess no time constraints and no strings attached.