Tennis Guru

Playing Tennis Guru

This time you will have to practice your return. You are playing in front of 3 throwing ball machines and you will have to return as many as you can. I must confess this is a pretty hard game and I didn’t return any of the random thrown balls. But, that doesn’t mean that you will not succeed too. Maybe you are a better gamer than me and you have some skills. Give it a try. Use the arrow keys left or right to move to the sides, spacebar to swing and try to return some ball and W to randomly throw a ball from the machines. Give all your best and good luck.

Use arrows to move, spacebar to swing and W to throw a ball.


Yahoo Tennis

Playing Yahoo Tennis

I must say that this is the best browser tennis game I have ever played. Its so realistic and easy to play. I can tell for sure that there is no person which may find this game hard. Its so simple and you will need to play this game only with your mouse. Move left or right your mouse to control the movement of your character and press left mouse click to hit the ball. Hold the click little to gain power in your shots. Perfect game! Show your tennis skills and knowledge and use it here on this game. Good luck and have fun while playing.

Use mouse to play.