Bowling Mania

Playing Bowling Mania

Knock down as many pins as you can. The best you can do is to knock down all the pins with one hit. You can position and aim your bowling ball with your mouse, so try to do your best with that. Test your bowling skills and train yourself in this fun bowling game.

Use your mouse to play this game.


Strike Zone

Playing Strike Zone

One of the most realistic flash bowling games. You use your mouse to shoot the bowling balls. The power, position and angle of the ball depends of your mouse movement. The point is to knock all the pins down with two or less hits and go through the 10 sets.

Use your mouse to play.


Cat Bowling

Playing Cat Bowling

Knock down all the cats with your pumpkin. You should knock down all, or as many cats as you can with two hits or less. You can choose the position of your hit with the arrow. Be careful as the arrow is faster with each throw. Have fun in this Halloween, cat-based bowling game.

Use SPACE to play this game.