World Basket Cup

Playing World Basket Cup

Finally the World Basket Cup has come! This is the world cup for individuals and its extremely fun and exciting. At the beginning choose your name, design your character and you are ready to compete in this world cup. Use the arrow keys on keyboard to navigate the character and spacebar to shoot. By holding the spacebar a little bit your shoot is gaining power. After you win some matches you will have some money to buy accessories that will help your character to play better and to be more fashionable there on the field. The people aren’t informed about the world cup so there are very few of them in the audience but who cares, right? The joy and excitement while playing this game is more important than anything.

Use left and right arrow keys to move, down arrow key to pick up the ball, up arrow key to jump and space to throw the ball


Basketball Shoot

Playing Basketball Shoot

This game is more about practicing your shooting routine and accuracy in the basketball game. You will have to score certain points in the given time to win the level. There are many levels you will need to finish. At the bottom there is a line of some colored squares. You will score some point when you click somewhere on the field when the green square is lighted. Give it a try, its not that hard or complicated or confusing. This game is played with your mouse click only. Good luck and have fun while playing this amazing game and win some high score.

Use mouse to play.

Playing Basketball Heroes

Basketball Heroes

Playing Basketball Heroes

Your time has finally come! You was chosen to show your accuracy skills in front of the your school audience. You will need to impress them. If you impress them you will be chosen to play for the school national basketball team. Use your mouse to set the angle and direction of the ball and then press left mouse click to shoot. Score as many points as it needs to win the game and most important to look absolutely like a hero in front of the two gorgeous cheerleaders. Don’t miss to much because your basket balls are limited. Good luck and have fun while playing this amazing game.

Use mouse to play.