All About Online Boxing Games

Boxing is a sport with as long and storied a legacy as just about any in the entire world. Arguably, the sport of punching your opponent has been around since the beginning of time. Though perhaps not as old as wrestling, it was clearly a sport of interest for centuries and centuries. Although The Sweet Science is largely seen as a product of America, the truth is that modern boxing has its roots back in England.
It died out for a good number of years after its earliest days when people began carrying weapons on them as a matter of common sense. With sabers at one’s side, knowing how to punch became largely unnecessary. However, the sport involved in hand to hand combat became too much fun to resist and eventually the sport grew by leaps and bounds. Today, boxing is especially popular in Russia and Central, South and North America. Of course, boxing flash games have also become extremely popular in the digital age, which is probably what brings you here.

Nowadays, there are basically three types of boxing online games. These would be:

  • First Person
  • Horizontal Boxing
  • Themed Games

While there are plenty of subcategories to each, for our purposes, these games make a lot of sense. Let’s look at each of these boxing free games right now.

First Person

The name for this type of boxing game comes from the popular first person shooter games. In these games, your goal is generally to run around levels with a gun and shoot down opponents as they come in your way. Your vantage point is considered “first person” because it feels as though you are holding the gun and the only part of your body you may see is your hands or forearms.
First person boxing games work the same way. You basically just see your gloves and forearms with the implication being that you are then standing behind them in a fighting position. Just like in the shooter games, your opponent is out in front of you. The difference is that in these boxing games, your opponent is much, much closer for the entirety of the game. After all, this is boxing.
One of the reasons people love this type of boxing game so much is that it allows you to feel like you’re doing the real thing. You need to dodge and counterpunch as strikes come forward and move around so you can lob your best efforts back.

Horizontal Boxing

Another way to take part in boxing flash games is by switching the perspective we just talked about above. Many traditional video games work on a horizontal plane, meaning your player is moving forward by heading right or backward by heading left. Whether they actually turn and walk or simple walk forward and backward will differ by game. Obviously, there is no first person element here. You see the entirety of your player and the same goes for their opponent. This also means that you relate to the other player much differently too. While you will see strikes being thrown, it will be much different as will your responses to them. The same can be said for how you attack back.
The fun thing about these types of boxing games is that you have more space to move in terms of getting closer or further from your opponent. This can make it easier to find different angles to hit your opponent from or disappear after an exchange. Many people simply like seeing the players involved too. There is also a combination of the above two types of games wherein you can see the entirety of both players, but your perspective is always from behind your boxer. So while you’re not moving horizontally, you are only able to take in one perspective. This is also a fun way to enjoy both types of games as they allow you the intensity of the former with the skill of the latter.

Themed Games

Another type of boxing online games people really like are referred to as themed games. This is where one of the two formats above is mixed with a creative perspective of some point to make it more fun. So if you look at the games available on Sporty Games Hub, you’ll see there are versions like Mask Boxing, Naruto Boxing, Super Fisticuffs Boxing and others that look to add a creative sense of fun to the game. While these are still very much boxing games, they have far less concerned with sticking to the traditional way the sport is played. You may find all kinds of different advantages available to you like power ups, special powers and other fun ways to get more from the game. So if you like boxing games, try these different versions for a bit more fun.
At Sporty Games Hub, we have a ton of boxing free games for you to choose from that span the above three versions listed above. So no matter what you’re into, if it involves hitting your opponent, you won’t be disappointed by our selection.