Boating is a great way to spend the summer months and since boats can be used for both leisure and sport, we completely understand why you love them. However, it is kind of hard to go boating in the winter while all the water is frozen. So while you wait for that first spring thaw that will free the water and allow you to take your boat out for the first time in months, why not enjoy our pleasant boat games? These boat games can be of a puzzle nature or as a race style game. Whichever game you choose, we are sure you will enjoy it.

Boat Flash Games

boat games

We have numerous boat games such as Jet Boat Racing, Boat Tracker, Wild Boat Parking, Battalion Boat Escape, and many more. All these games are boat flash games that we are sure you will love and enjoy while you are stuck on land. Some of these games feature simple graphics while others are more realistic, providing you with the option of the style of game you want to play. Each game is specifically designed for boating enthusiasts whether you race your boat, fishing from your boat, or just cruising in the summer sun and enjoying the day. These games will make you feel like you are trolling the waters while having grand old time.

Most Played Boat Games

The most played boat flash games involve parking or escapes, this doesn’t surprise us as everyone wants to escape and have the ability to challenge themselves with puzzle style games. These games will surely provide you hours of fun and you can find a list on our site of the most played boating games. These games include Parking Boat, Boat Parking, Boat Survive, Superman Boat, Battalion Boat Escape and many more. The boating games that we provide you with are surely going to take your mind off of being shore bound by the weather as well as draw you into a land of your own while you zoom around on the water in these amazing games.

Top Rated Boat Games

Our top rated boat games are the best of the best and we want to share them with you. Games like Ferry Boat Parking, Classic Boat Parking, and many others await you to play while you browse the internet in search of something to take your mind off the day. These games only require a mouse and keyboard so they are not only simple to play but are also our best games according to our frequent players. Why not see what the fuss is about and try a few for yourself and see what has everyone raving about our top rated boat flash games.



Gameplay for these boat flash games are simple as they only require a mouse and keyboard. The keys and mouse are used for navigation as well as other functions that allow you to play the game to its fullest extent. We want you to enjoy our games so we have a wide selection to choose from so you will always find the one that you feel has the most enjoyable gameplay experience that suits you. The game play for all of these games are suitable for people of all ages and will allow you to easily share it with both friends and family as you try to get the highest possible score.


Some of these games are rather easy to get the hang of and can be a little addicting, such as Boat Tracker which is one of our top rated games and allows you to move pipes around an open water space in attempts to build a path for your boat to follow. The goal is to make your path long enough to reach from the starting point to the finishing point without running out of pipe. You don’t have to use all the pipe, however your path needs to be completed in the time constraints provided otherwise your boat will join the unfortunate others at the bottom of the water. This game is not only challenging but also allows you to have fun while solving the puzzle. These style games are most popular due to the challenges you are facing throughout the game.