All About Online Bike Games

The bicycle’s lineage goes all the way back to the early 1800s. This original model was called the “dandy horse” it looks little like what modern models do today. Since that time, the velocipede, penny-farthing and others have all come and gone, each one adding their name to the legacy of one of the most popular forms of transportation today.

Of course, nowadays, you’re just as likely to see a bicycle on the street as you are to see one in the gym. Biking has become a sport in a number of different ways. There are bicycle races, triathlons, cyclocross and popular extreme sports like BMX and trick riding. All of these different forms have helped make the bicycle one of the most common sports accessories on the planet.

Now you can play bike flash games too, in order to get your cycling fix without ever leaving the comfort of your home. These types of games have almost become as popular as the vehicle their named after. So if you’re looking for a good time on Sporty Games Hub, try some of our bike online games.


Bike Free Games

As we said, there is no shortage of bike flash games to choose from. However, most will provide you with the same basic premise, which is good news because it means if you master one, you can go on to play all of them—though there will be tweaks here and there.

The basic idea, however, is the same. You’re a player on a bike who must negotiate across levels by moving left to right. However, if necessary, you can also back up and start a level over again. In any case, along the way there will be plenty to make your ride much more interesting.


You’ll find all kinds of obstacles waiting for you when you play bike online games. After all, a normal bike ride wouldn’t be much fun without some events along the way to keep you on your toes (or wheels, as the case may be). The obstacles you’re presented with will differ by game, but they all serve two purposes, which we’ll cover in a minute. First, let’s look at some common obstacles.

First, there will be drop-offs you need to make it over. Just like in real life, you can’t very well go right over a lack of road without expecting consequences. So, too, you need to get enough speed and pull up at the bike at the right time in order to make it over. Other times, the obstacles will be something like a boulder or many rocks. These aren’t obstacles you can just ride over without facing some type of problem. Best case scenario, they’ll simply slow you down some. Worst case scenario, though, you’ll wipe out and need to start all over.

Another obstacle you’ll undoubtedly face is ramps. These may not seem too bad at first, considering all the other hindrances in your way when you’re playing bike free games. But just like in real life, these ramps can help or hurt you depending on how you address them. They all take skill to negotiate correctly. If you don’t take it correctly, the ramp can severely slow your time or even cause a wreck. However, even if you make it off correctly, you’ll still need to stick the landing or face similar problems.


So, obviously, these obstacles are there to provide a challenge. However, like we mentioned, the obstacles in these bike flash games also provide a dual purpose. The other purpose is an opportunity to do a trick. Many games will actually reward you points for doing so. In other games, they may actually be necessary, less you don’t stick the landing correctly. But even in games where they supply no real purpose, whatsoever, you won’t be able to help yourself from trying to do them. It’s just too much fun.

As you can imagine, though, tricks are never a guarantee. Every time you decide to try one, you risk wiping out. This is especially tough to deal with when you realize that a lot of times, it wasn’t even necessary to do the trick. But these are the risks you’ll need to take.


The bike online games on Sporty Games Hub come with a number of different themes too. Some will simply have you as a motocross rider. Other times you’ll be a police or a kid or even a famous cartoon character. These are all simple ways these games stay fresh despite having so much in common with other ones in the genre.

Bike free games on Sporty Games Hub are a lot of fun because they’re fast paced, but also supply plenty along the way to keep you clicking. Even when you beat a level, you’ll be tempted to start over and try to improve your time or the tricks you did.