Toon Hoops

Playing Toon Hoops

Amazing new cartoon basketball game with extremely high level of fun. At the beginning you need to choose what mode you want to play. Single player or two player game if you have some friend near you. Choose the character you want to play with and your opponent and start playing this amazing game. Use the arrow keys to move and number 0 to shoot or defense. For two player game the additional controls are w, a, s, d keys for moving and spacebar to shoot/defense. Score more points in the give periods than your opponent to win the game. Good luck and have fun.

For single player:
Use arrows to move and number 0 to shoot/defense

For two player game:
Player 1: arrow keys to move and number 0 to shoot/defense,
Player 2: w, a, s, d keys to move and spacebar to shoot/defense.

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