Baseball is America’s pastime, and you’d have a pretty difficult time trying to round up even a handful of children (boys and girls included) that grew up in the states that weren’t crazy about the sport.

Originally created by Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown, New York (though new evidence shows that it may have been created a bit earlier by a group playing in Pittsfield, Massachusetts), baseball has become synonymous with America – there’s just something about nine guys out on a baseball diamond in the middle of summer or in late fall that captures the imagination.

Literally millions and millions of people all over the world play baseball every year, though many of them aren’t able to play quite as much as they would like to. Not only do you need to gather at least nine players to field an entire team (and nine more to play against them), but you also have to hope for good weather – a problem that a lot of people in colder climates are going to have to deal with.

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