Basketball Shoot

Playing Basketball Shoot

This game is more about practicing your shooting routine and accuracy in the basketball game. You will have to score certain points in the given time to win the level. There are many levels you will need to finish. At the bottom there is a line of some colored squares. You will score some point when you click somewhere on the field when the green square is lighted. Give it a try, its not that hard or complicated or confusing. This game is played with your mouse click only. Good luck and have fun while playing this amazing game and win some high score.

Use mouse to play.

Playing Basketball Heroes

Basketball Heroes

Playing Basketball Heroes

Your time has finally come! You was chosen to show your accuracy skills in front of the your school audience. You will need to impress them. If you impress them you will be chosen to play for the school national basketball team. Use your mouse to set the angle and direction of the ball and then press left mouse click to shoot. Score as many points as it needs to win the game and most important to look absolutely like a hero in front of the two gorgeous cheerleaders. Don’t miss to much because your basket balls are limited. Good luck and have fun while playing this amazing game.

Use mouse to play.


Sports Basketball Heads

Playing Sports Basketball Heads

The well know Sports Heads has now come with the great basketball heads game. This time there will be lots of fun and sweat to win this game in single player on hard level. I must say it extremely tough to win in hard level. You have one hand to punch the ball and you will need to score some points by hand or head. The bad thing is that the opponent is there in front of you and he’s defending, so you must outsmart him and score. As the level goes by, additional obstacles will be shown in the levels to make the scoring of a point tougher. Use spacebar to hit the ball with your hand. There are many power-ups that will be shown on the field. Take them by hitting them with the ball to get some advantage. Give it a try. Have fun.

Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to swat the ball


Toon Hoops

Playing Toon Hoops

Amazing new cartoon basketball game with extremely high level of fun. At the beginning you need to choose what mode you want to play. Single player or two player game if you have some friend near you. Choose the character you want to play with and your opponent and start playing this amazing game. Use the arrow keys to move and number 0 to shoot or defense. For two player game the additional controls are w, a, s, d keys for moving and spacebar to shoot/defense. Score more points in the give periods than your opponent to win the game. Good luck and have fun.

For single player:
Use arrows to move and number 0 to shoot/defense

For two player game:
Player 1: arrow keys to move and number 0 to shoot/defense,
Player 2: w, a, s, d keys to move and spacebar to shoot/defense.