Tennis Guru

Playing Tennis Guru

This time you will have to practice your return. You are playing in front of 3 throwing ball machines and you will have to return as many as you can. I must confess this is a pretty hard game and I didn’t return any of the random thrown balls. But, that doesn’t mean that you will not succeed too. Maybe you are a better gamer than me and you have some skills. Give it a try. Use the arrow keys left or right to move to the sides, spacebar to swing and try to return some ball and W to randomly throw a ball from the machines. Give all your best and good luck.

Use arrows to move, spacebar to swing and W to throw a ball.


Yahoo Tennis

Playing Yahoo Tennis

I must say that this is the best browser tennis game I have ever played. Its so realistic and easy to play. I can tell for sure that there is no person which may find this game hard. Its so simple and you will need to play this game only with your mouse. Move left or right your mouse to control the movement of your character and press left mouse click to hit the ball. Hold the click little to gain power in your shots. Perfect game! Show your tennis skills and knowledge and use it here on this game. Good luck and have fun while playing.

Use mouse to play.


Wild West Boxing Tournamet

Playing Wild West Boxing Tournamet

After many years the traditional wild west boxing tournament is announced again. You as a beginner in boxing have applied for this tournament. This is not going to be an easy task, I must say. But don’t quit right away. Start playing this amazing game and you will see how the game works, concentrate and you will win for sure. Use Z key for punch from the left side, X for punch in the face straight and C for punch from the right side. Press space bar to set a block and rest a while. Defeat all of your mighty opponents to win the great Wild West Boxing Tournament. Have fun.

Use Z,X,C keys for punching.


Smash Boxing

Playing Smash Boxing

Play this amazing new boxing game and put your boxing gaming skills and knowledge to the test. I must confess that this game is not going to be an easy task to do it. You may find some hard time in the process of defeating your opponent. But don’t give up too quickly! At the beginning choose your character and your opponent’s too and try it. I can say for sure that you will have a great time while playing this amazing game. After some battles played, this game will be piece of cake for you, I promise. You will just need to feel how the game works and everything is easy later. Good luck.

Use arrows to move and W,A,D for different variations for punches and S to block


Super Fisticuffs Boxing

Playing Super Fisticuffs Boxing

Play this amazing new boxing game and become a new world boxing champion. In this specific game you will have to use all of your boxing skills and knowledge and put them to the test to see how effective they are. You are facing many world class boxing warriors and you will need to be really focused to win this game. I found some hard time on the second opponent. Use A to hit with your left hand and S to hit with your right hand. Use up arrow key on keyboard to defend yourself from the mighty punches. After you get some hard punch and you fall the referee will start to count. When he’s counting press the A and S button as fast as you can to get up. You have only 10 seconds to fill the red line. Good luck and have fun while playing this amazing game.

Use A or S to punch and up arrow key to defend yourself.


Naruto Boxing Game

Playing Naruto Boxing Game

This is one of the toughest boxing enemies I have even saw. It’s really very hard to defeat him. But don’t quit right away when you see how tough it is. You will then need to show more skills and knowledge and win him and get the champion title. Use your mouse to move and punch and spacebar to block from the upcoming punches. You are playing with naruto character and I must say you are perfect combination which promise some winning in this game. First of all, have fun and then everything other. I wish you good luck because you will need it out there.

Use mouse to move and punch, spacebar to block.