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Latest Gaming News

As technology has improved a lot, there are many sports games for pc that came out and still waiting to come out. Gamers are curious about gaming news and follow the trend of gaming. Every year there are many different types of games that are the most played games only in two or three days after the release. Games for Playstation4, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch and many more are coming up soon, so all the lovers of gaming pay attention and follow the latest news.


History and Growth of Esports

The first sign of esports was in the 1972, when a competition was held at Stanford University. The game was called Spacewar and competitors could win a prize of a subscription of Rolling stone magazine. Later, in 1980 was the Space Invaders Championship. That was the greatest event where video games were shown to over 10.000 players and start selling. The same year, Nintendo took controls, graphics, and accessibility of video games to a new better level. Also, there were many competitions held by Nintendo so that continue growing. They are even available on online legal casinos. You can find many online casinos where you can find the best esports games and bet. The availability of betting on esports online has attracted many players to use online casinos for fun and also for real money. The best legal online casinos have many features such as welcome and no deposit bonuses that allow you to double your money on your first deposit or give you free bets.


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Best Sports Games for PC

There are many different types of sports games for PC. Gamers enjoy playing their favorite game related to football, basketball, baseball, and many other sports that are trending nowadays. Here we provide you a list of the best sports games for pc that you should definitely play if you still did not:

  • Fifa 2018

Unlike PES, this version of Fifa has a compelling single – player mode that makes the game as one of the best. If you are looking for football adventures, you should definitely try this game.

  • Pes 2018

The difference with Fifa is that here you can sink into the signature Master league and also the local multiplayer mode. Together with Fifa, these football games are the most played and popular these few years.

  • Motorsport manager

Motorsport Manager is an interesting combo of half strategy and half cars. You can upgrade your vehicle and improve your racing skills between the races, so this game is the perfect combination of fun and excitement.

  • Desert golfing

This game was the first time released just for mobiles. Nowadays, you can play on your pc by creating challenging holes with simple geometric shapes. You cannot go back, so every stroke will stay there forever.

  • Bloodbowl 2

This game, even though is older than the other games, was and will continue being the best and most interesting pc sports games of all time. The main objective is not to run too fast. Most of the payers run too fast and fall over. The dice rolls are required for everything.

  • Tennis

It is a simple tennis game where there is a flexible approach to rules. It does not mind if you jump over the net or other things that the actual tennis does not allow. Also available to play for free using casino bonuses.

  • Fire pro wrestler

The graphics and creation of this game are very interesting and unique, so if you love wrestling games you should definitely consider this game for playing. We cannot really say that wrestling is “sport”, but it is considered as a sport despite the “fight” between two players.

  • OlliOllie

This game consists of the best older skating games such as Tony Hawk divided into two dimensions. You can learn the track very fast and while skating you can use many tricks and flourishes.

  • QWOP

This game to other games based on athlete, is considered as the most complex control scheme just to make the simple act of running. It is also called the anti – sports game.

  • Sensible world of Soccer

Every people that enjoy Soccer as a sport, will also love this game. Despite that this game is very old, many gamers still play it because of the old graphics and interesting small players.


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